Watch and listen


It is just as entertaining to ‘watch’ music as it is to listen to it. The beauty and perfection of the instruments, the light and mood of the moment, the passion of the musician. It all comes together to enhance the experience. The immediate access to music and videos through our home and mobile devices is incredible. But it will never surpass the tangible experience of ‘watching’ music in person.

These images are from a Houston Symphony performance of Bernstein and Schumann at the Miller Outdoor Theater in Houston.

Jaime Belden



The colors of San Miguel (4 of 4)

The colors of the culture, the celebrations, the music, the church bells and the fireworks. The rich flavors of its dishes, the sunny and shaded gardens. It’s the mix of all elements what makes this a “pueblo mágico”.


The colors of San Miguel (3 of 4)


The sun shines in a unique way in San Miguel. Cleaner, sharper, brighter, golden. There’s something about it that brings out the colors of the street walls, the textiles, the flowers and the sky, in a rich captivating blend. You need to walk it to get the full experience. But here are a few glimpses of what I’m talking about.

The colors of San Miguel (2 of 4)


As you approach San Miguel, if you’re coming from Mexico City, you can see towering purple bunches all throughout town. The flowering flamboyants stand out for they’re size and intense purple. And as you walk the streets, every house has bright-colored flowers spilling over the walls or on the widow balconies, anywhere from bougambilias, to geraniums, to hybiscus of all colors. By Jaime Belden

The colors of San Miguel (Part 1 of 4)



A town carved by history in the heart of Mexico. A place where colonial architecture meets the natural brightness of bougambilias spilling over the thick limestone walls. Walking on the cobbled-stoned streets, breathing the scent of style, art and wood-burning kitchens, has an enchanting effect in your senses. The warmth of colors matches the welcoming smiles of its people. You have to be there to let its unique vibrancy sink in. The next 4 series of photos are a humble sample of the colors of San Miguel.  By Jaime Belden


We have been delighted this Spring with a very intense Azalea bloom. I guess after a hard 2017 for nature it is coming back strong. Really strong. Heavy pollen “mist” from all the trees around us, but oh, what a treat with the intense colors of the Azalea shrubs. We are on the last stretch of the short, several-week blooming cycle. Enjoy its intense colors and how it paints the front  porches of many Texas homes.

By Jaime Belden