My empty room

IMG_1650I walked to my room last night and was in disbelief: The day before my bedroom was my comfy, colorful, peaceful and perfect nest, walls filled with paintings and pictures, our chair, lots of frames, books, magazines, pillows, the room that witnesses or conversations and takes care of our dreams was not there anymore. When I saw it empty I thought how amazing life is. It can change for one second to another letting us understand that things are only things, and your major treasure is your own existence. Life it will always be filled with what you put in it, with what you care, you wish, you breathe. Our room right now is empty, suffering the pains of change while giving me a lesson. Beautifying your life needs to start from scratch, from a very uncomfortable place, but it is important to see what it will become and not what it looks like in that moment. Then, you can smile, because you know that it is ready to be filled with the things that are meaningful and important for you.

Here I am, looking at this empty chaotic room, and you, the center of my life, are here, for good or for bad. You are here My Love! and we are going to build together just wonderful things!

– Valerie S. Mayer


4 thoughts on “My empty room

  1. Wow Valery, muy inspirador me llego mucho la foto y sobre todo tu texto.

    Estamos ahora en el proceso de cambiarnos de casa y definitivamente las cosa que valen la pena siempre más trae uno adentro y más cuando las compartes con quién más quieres


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