Casa Madero

Born in 1597, Casa Madero – Bodegas de San Lorenzo is the oldest winery in America. Within its thick, white limestone walls, expert hands prepare a variety of international award-winning wines and grape liquors. When I walked through its gates and heavy wooden doors, I traveled back in history. A deep scent of sweet grapes and wood barrels in its “bodegas”, contrasts the dry, sharp green aroma of its outdoor passageways roofed by full-grown grapevines. The warmth of the scorching summer sun is distilled into a cool breeze by the giant pecan trees of the surrounding gardens. Time stops, patience and wisdom fill the air. Hacienda white meets the pure sky blue, while oasis green teams up with the sandy dessert beige. A treat to my senses and a stimulating reboot of many childhood memories. /Jaime Belden


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