From where the colors come – Parras – Part 2

The vivid layers of light and color coexist in this magic town resilient to the pass of time. I wonder if  the reflection of ripe fruit, blue skíes and dusty adobe are the muses of those who chose the colors of their town. Every corner is colorful, combined with the pristine white of cotton clouds, green pecan tree leaves and emerald reflection of water from natural pools. It’s funny how similar colonial constructions and colors look alike in towns that are thousands of miles apart. Barranco, a neighborhood in Lima, town of poets, writers and musicians in my beloved Peru, has the same passion for colors on their walls and bugambilias on their fences. I close my eyes and am able to feel the bright yellow of the old church and the calming green of the tree that provided shade to a palapa where we stopped to rest from the heat. I have to admit, I left a little bit of my heart in Parras de La Fuente, Coahuila, and must go back to recover it, or perhaps to leave a bigger piece. / Valerie Mayer & Jaime Belden


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