Airstream weekend

Let’s start by saying that Valerie and I love the outdoors. The closer we can be to nature, the better. Although we are urban creatures, we feed and recharge from our time away from the city. Yes, we can put up a tent with our eyes closed in a few minutes. But I have to be honest: tenting during the Texas summer is not in our bucket list.  Although glamping is not really our thing, during the hot months of the year it’s darn good option to stay close to nature without getting fried.

A couple of weekends ago we went to Wimberly, TX for a much needed batteries recharge. Through AirBnB, Valerie found someone renting an Airstream “Sovereign”, somewhere in the outskirts of Wimberly. I now understand why the call them the “land yatch”. Wally Byam, creator of Airstream, had it very clear: He designed a glamorous way to mix the open road, the outdoors, and the comforts of home. Since the beginnings in the 1930s, these land yachts became an iconic brand. It’s design, it’s well-engineered structure, the properly-sized windows and interior space, it all combines right. Even it’s mirror-like metallic skin makes it blend in with its outdoor surroundings. I am not really a fan of camper vehicles, but this experience did change my perspective of glamping. Now, even a road trip in one of these things has trickled into our bucket list!  /Jaime Belden


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