About us

About us

Jaime: “I was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, but carry an Irish soul within. The passion for photography came since I was just a kid but distilled after 25+ years as Designer, Art Director, Advertising Creative Director. I like to connect with my subjects, whether an individual or a landscape, and capture the simple yet deep story behind them.

Valerie: “In the early stages of my professional career I was an Advertising Producer, starting in hometown Lima, PerĂº, and continued through Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, the US. I have an obsession for the right angle, the perfect expression, the mood that makes the difference.”

We both have unique styles, yet similar DNA. Each has its very personal style, but we share a common sensibility. Both of us are composition, color, and lighting nerds, who enjoy every moment of this craft, and love the beauty of the ordinary, the soul in every living creature, and the greatness of the world around us.

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