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Canyon Lake – Black and White (3 of 3)

The contrast of the intense sky with the bright white clouds, the dark colored soil against the light colored rock formations, the heavy textured trees’ lights and shadows. Just perfect for the drama and nostalgia in black and white.

– by Jaime Belden



Canyon Lake – Trails and Trees (2 of 3)

Something I can’t really tell is what is it that attracts me to the outdoors of Texas. It may be the vast difference of things on the ground. The colors of the soil, the shine and shape of the stones and rocks. I’m a stone guy (not ‘stoned’, ok?) Just happen to like stones a lot. Maybe also the rough shape and barks of trees. The shades and scent of their leaves. Not sure what it is, but it attracts my eye quite a bit. Canyon Lake has a lot of this.

–  by Jaime Belden


Canyon Lake – Waters and Rocks (1 of 3)

Canyon Lake is a lot more than just “The Water Recreation Capital of Texas”. If you look closely, you will find unexplored cliffs and coves, rugged trails and tree barks. Crystal clear waters bathing fossil-filled rocky shores. Misty winter mornings and warm sunny sunsets. This weekend I was lucky to get a taste of its enchantment. This is the first of three groups of images I captured with my phone camera. A very small collection of visions hidden in this place  nested in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

– by Jaime Belden




The year ends, a year starts. 2018 comes with a bag full of hopes and dreams and projects. Whatever yours may be, enjoy every minute, squeeze every drop. It will only last one year and then it will be gone forever. Trust yourself, go for it, go the extra mile, laugh at hardship, fight for what you want. You’ll find it if you really want it. And if you don’t, you’ll feel good you tried your best. Get the fireworks out! Happy 2018!!

Jaime Belden




It’s ironic how the smooth softness of the clouds blends naturally perfect with the wild roughness of the agave. Both independently beautiful and yet combined for a perfect match, enhancing each other. (Deabo, Biabor) – Jaime Belden


waiting room

IMG_3835.JPGThe waiting room is empty. The late sun is filling in the space where the children’s voices tangled and played, and sang, and cried, and read, and laughed througout the day. Here families sit and wait. Wait with hope, nervousness, worriness, always with their hearts in their hands while feed the kids, watch for them, cuddle them, follow them around, sing to them…. Our children are extremely delicate, every one a flower expose to the extreme weather of conditions and diseases that they didn’t ask for, but all of them with incredible smiles and blinking eyes that dance like twinkling stars… It is the end of the day and I am walking out of the clinic now…. See you tomorrow little world of big expectations! I love my work.  – Valerie S. Mayer


Sunday afternoon theater

We had an unexpected pleasant and fun Sunday afternoon at the theater.

The play: “Querido San Antonio” by Patricia Suarez
Performers: Grupo de Teatro
The venue: Box 2 at MATCH / 3400 Main St. at Midtown Houston
Very funny and outstanding performance by this talented group of actors. The Midtown Arts & Theater Center of Houston, or MATCH, is a very cool multipurpose group of performance and creative spaces in a sleek, urban architectural jewel, right in the heart of Midtown. This hilarious play was performed in one of the small and intimate stages in this venue.

Beyond the fun afternoon we had, Valerie and I are now curious to check Grupo de Teatro performance calendar, as well as to stay alert for things happening at MATCH.  – Jaime Belden